CNC cutting machines

RS 7.51 / 7.53
RS 7.55 LK or TB

CNC-controlled axes, two of which in the Y direction as a well-tried gantry system together and specially coordinated drive concepts and guiding units provide the highest degree of dynamics and accuracy on the one hand and extremely simple handling and maintenance on the other hand.

As an option, also available with the new linear direct drives which are exceeding by far the traditional concepts.

Cost-effectiveness was also taken into appropriate account by means of efficient module construction and new production methods.

RS technology cutting machines can be designed for industrial series production or users who only make a few cuts a day in accordance with requirements.

The machines designed in module construction can be provided with Transport bell, air-cushion table, tilting or positioning table, loading shuttle or industrial robot as well as additional manual or automatic breaking systems, as requested. it goes without saying that all models can be integrated into a fully automatic processing line. ln this field, RS technology offers the optimal solution for your needs, for your application.

The most modern CNC technology together with user friendly and efficient software are guaranteed to give you the advantage which you need to be at least one step ahead of competition today and in the future.

RS7.51 RS7.53 RS7.55

The CNC shape cutting machines stand for quality, maximum performance, reliability and user-friendliness.

RS 7.51 / RS 7.53 / 7.55

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