Single-spindle CNC grinding and polishing machine in single and double table operation

RS 89.04 with one table
RS 89.05 with two tables (simultaneous or alternating operation)

With the RS 89.05 the two machining tables are operated independently of each other, and can therefore be used individually. Whilst a table is moving in the machining area, the other can be equipped with new glass in the front loading position.

The machining of the machining areas takes place alternately. In other words, loading and positioning and the machining take place within the same time window. Even with only one spindle, this is the guarantee of maximum capacity. Depending on the size of the glass and the type of system, up to 4 glass pieces can be loaded on one table.

An optional second spindle is available for the RS 89.05 TWIN. This means that two glass pieces per table can be processed simultaneously.

Of course, all models can be integrated in an automatic manufacturing process ln this field, RS technology offers the optimal solution for your needs, for your application.

The most modern CNC technology together with user friendly and efficient software guarantee for the advantage which you need today and in the future to be at least one step ahead of competition.

RS89.04 RS89.05

Loading, grinding, polishing and milling - complete edge processing from flat glass to high end shaped glass. Maximum flexibility is provided by the single-spindle machines, which can machine glass up to 19 mm and can be converted in less than 5 minutes. Grinding capacity of between 50 and 300 top class shaped glass pieces per hour.

RS 89.04 / RS 89.05

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