We turn, grind, mill and weld different materials according to your specifications

The broad range of our machinery and our versatile, experienced team offer a technical and economical alternative to expensive in-house production.


To complete our range of services, we also offer sink and wire erosion, gear cutting, stripping, helical grooves, various surface finishing processes (varnish and powder) and if required final assembly. We will advise you on technical and economic matters and if required work out necessary optimisations. As early as during the production stage, we will monitor and document every process stage in detail for quality and dimensional accuracy. If required, we can send you the relevant measuring report or an initial sample test report.

Straight and mitre cuts up to a diameter of 315 mm


RS weldingWelding
MIG/MAG, WIG and laser welding, including some very specialised motor parts


Milling Milling
Manual and CNC controlled
3-axial up to 3,000 mm x 800 mm x 800 mm
5-axial up to 1,250 mm x 800 mm x 600 mm


rs general mechanical engineeringTurning
Manual and CNC controlled
Diameters up to 300 mm
Lengths up to 800 mm


rs components grindingGrinding
Of round and flat materials
300 mm x 700 mm


Final assembly of components and plant up to 10 t total weight


ProgrammingSwitch cabinet construction, programming and start-up
Configuration, programming and instruction by customer request


Measurement technologyMeasuring technology
In our fully climatised measuring room we document the quality of our own products and produce EMPB e.g. in accordance with VDA if required. For our customers, we also take on measurement-only tasks in the µ range up to a work piece size of 2,000 mm x 1,200 mm x 1,000 mm and a weight of 2.5 t.