Your special requirements decide the plant design

We configure our plant and machinery exactly for our customers' use. Many parameters are decisive for this process. We have the options for your individual setting.

Get to know some of our products and system designs here and let us advise you on your individual requirements.

  • Linking

    Single machines or linked production systemsSingle machines or linked production systems
    Implementation of different production steps, linked together and adapted for your use
  • Fully automatic handling

    Different loading and unloading optionsDifferent loading and unloading facilities
    For manual or automatic feeding of the system
  • Grinding - polishing

    Single and multi-spindle machines for grinding to shape and polishingSingle and multi-spindle machine for grinding to shape and polishing
    For small and large quantities – all with the highest edge quality


    2 options for movement in Y direction2 options for movement in Y-direction
    Glass table stationary – Bridge moves
    Glass table moves – Bridge stationary

  • Cutting - breaking

    rs machines systemsSingle and multi-head cutting systems
    For shape and rectangular cutting, according to throughput and size of the flat glass


    Double table cutting machinesDouble table cutting systems
    For fully automatic creation of a rough cut and subsequent shape cutting on one machine


    Special solutions for calottesSpecial solutions for calottes
    Cutting systems for convex and concave curved glass