For us, water is life and not just cooling

Grinding, polishing and drilling glass requires clean water The systems in the new “glawaclean” series from RS technology show this in previously unknown quality and cost-effectiveness.

RS glawaclean is a completely new grinding water treatment system which operates using a batch procedure. The system consists of a large circuit container and a cleaning container. A powerful concept in all areas.

The systems are available in different sizes, from the “mini” which is set up on a mobile frame, and system solutions for several grinding and drilling machines within a manufacturing system.

Uncomplicated design
The uncomplicated, clear design of the system ensures that it can be easily integrated in your production process – without a great deal of training

Effective cleaning principle
Extremely easy handling and high efficiency. A well-tried and effective flocking system with a physical operating principle reduces your cleaning costs to almost zero and ensures that the glass sludge is continuously removed from the cooling water circuit in the long term.

High standard
Programmable cleaning cycles, touchscreen operation, automatic water refill, self-contained operation of the cooling water treatment system for days

For a wide range of glass finishing machines
A wide range of glass finishing machines can be connected to the RS glawaclean, either in the bypass or in the main volume flow.


Our system concepts range from
the smallest standard cooling water treatment system RS glawaclean mini to customised large systems

“mini” concept
minimum space requirement

  • In the area of smaller standardised systems
  • Deliverable ready for use
  • Short delivery and start-up time

“INDIVIDUAL system” concept
for large projects

  • 100% adapted to your requirements
  • Small space requirement
  • System-independent