Calotte cutter, CNC cutting

RS 7.47
RS 7.49 with additional table for flat glass (max. 1200 x 800 mm)

CNC cutting of flat and bent glass (spherical and aspherical) up to a radius of 215 mm, as used in the vehicle rear view, traffic and cosmetic mirrors, for example.

Compact, high performance, flexible, reliable, user-friendly.

The CNC controlled calotte cutting machines RS 7.47 and RS 7.49 are the ideal connection to the proven and well known extremely powerful servo drives and the most precise cutting system of RS technology.

7 CNC axes (1 pair in gantry) provide the highest degree of dynamics and accuracy in order to obtain difficult shapes, e.g. rear view mirrors, cycling times less than 3 sec. per mirror (without handling).

For you as a customer, this is a guarantee for the extraordinary performance of up to 800 pcs/h. The moving of the cutting table is done by the rod cinematic system which allows an interpolating movement to the cutting process in combination with the new developed transformation. In other words, the table is moved during cutting. Thus a perfect alignment of the cutting tool to the bent calotte (even with aspherical calottes) is guaranteed. This results in an optimum, open cut at every location of the contour.

RS7.47 RS7.49

The CNC calotte machines have been programmed for quality, reliability, shortest downtimes, user friendliness, short cycling times of the end product, minimum handling and especially for the dynamics and tolerances as well as the process accuracy that RS technology is well known for.

RS 7.47 / RS 7.49

Take advantage by using our know-how.

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